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XIAOMI MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home Automatic Sweeping

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Special Suction Nozzle
Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush
Brand Name
Cleaning Route
Planned Type
Bag Or Bagless
Cord Length (m)
Model Number
XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Voltage (V)
Sweep Suction
Commodity Type
Robot Vacuums
Ultra Fine Air Filter
Timing Reservation
Battery Life
2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes
Power (W)
Virtual Wall
Remote Control
Dust Storage Type
Dust Box/Dust Bucket
Release Date
Dust box volume
Scope of work
250 Square meters
Anti Falling
Anti Collision
Auto Recharge

23 Jun 2017
Great product! excellent packaging! fast shipping ????????-19 days from the date of payment! the seller put all spare parts as it was in the description. other than a small gift and a spare comb for hair removal roller vacuum cleaner. everything works fine. room cleans quickly I did not know I have so much garbage on the floor. Uploaded update now speaks English. shorter than me who lives in basic one-it's a miracle-mate!!!!

- E****y K.
28 Jun 2017
Super fast shipment to US. It came within 1 wk after order was placed. For US ENGLISH USERS: DOWNLOAD MI HOME APP then create Mi account, then add your device. It has options to change "Voice" to English Female PROS: - Smart navigation! - Cleans under furniture such as bed/cabinet. - TIMER : you can set up timer to specify when to vacuum. - Collects your hair pretty well (and i assume it should help for your FUR friends. - Transition well between HARDWOOD <-> CARPET CONS: - you have to make sure your floor is clear and not to leave any plastic bag / paper. It may get stuck and cause errors.

- S*e P.
11 Nov 2017

- S***n B.
31 Oct 2017
all ok , machine is great and cleans super. Application on the phone is great and easy to use.

- G****i S.
27 Jul 2017
Great seller great vacuum. I wish Xiaomi made the mop robot too. Fast shipping to US within a week

- S*****p G.
28 Oct 2017
Fast shipping to Swiss 8days, no unexpected fees, robot works perfectly. Great deal! Thanks

- A**** S
24 May 2017
Very good device - easy start and clever at work. Result is very good - cleans my cat hairs very good. Not as powerful as my Miele vacuum but hey - you can't place 1300W in such a small portable device. I definitely like it.

- A**x D.
12 Jun 2017
Perfect in When EVERYTHING to the seller and the product. cuidado with the customs charges, on my EVENT were ? 40 extra sent to barcelona (SPAIN) and told me the carrier at the time of deliver it.

- G**********t N.
06 Sep 2017
Very good and fast. Shipped in 9 days to Hungary by DPD without any taxes .

- Anonymous Buyer
08 Sep 2017
English iphone app, English voice pack! Really Smart vacuum.

- D****y S.
31 May 2017
Very fast shipping and delivery. Product exactly as described.

- A**** S
09 Sep 2017
Fast shipping no problems with the product at all love it!

- M*****w T.
24 May 2017
Everything went well, I heard that I should have tried 'Shippers prefered method' to minimize the costs of imiporting it into the EU.

- A**** S
22 Sep 2017
Amazing device, and I did not pay the tax!! I recommend this seller.

- A**** S
09 Jun 2017
Came to east coast US quickly. Seller was very communicative .

- Anonymous Buyer
28 Jul 2017
It didn't ship for a few days, but once shipped arrived VERY quickly. Very happy with the purchase, would buy from again. Thanks!

- A**** S
10 Aug 2017
Has arrived in perfect state and i am happy with the results. the excellent treatment from the seller. I chose to By their method of Shipping to madrid and have had no problems of customs. it has taken only two weeks.

- Anonymous Buyer
27 Jul 2017
Excellent communication from the buyer. Extremely quick shipping time.

- Anonymous Buyer
04 Oct 2017
This is an excellent piece of robot vacumm cleaner. Highly recommend! Great seller also with good communication.

- O***i N.
13 Jul 2017
My first order with aliexpress. After having my credit card verified by aliexpress(a bit annoying but i suppose necessary to combat fraud) the whole process was very smooth and worry free. Perfection Technology was in constant contact throughout the process with messages and really made me feel secure in my decision give them my business. My Xiaomi Mi robot was packaged well(double boxed) and received in perfect condition and much faster than i expected. After having a neato and roomba i decided to try the Xiaomi. I think its a terrific value for the price with the room mapping, wifi and great suction compared to the options available in the US. Ive only had time to use it a few times but i quite impressed! Its great fun to watch it on the map to see where its working! If you have any doubts about who to purchase from Perfection Technology really knocked it out of the park with the customer service....Super Trustworthy! Jason B

- Anonymous Shopper







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We offer three year warranty for the robot. If there is any damage, we will send you the parts for free, please you install it (we will send you the installation video). But if it is artificially damaged, you need to pay some fees.






             Xiaomi Robot Main Features

* Intelligent planning path, memory family layout, cleaning every corner.  

* WIFI connect mobile phone, Timing boot, Automatic Cleaning for Home and Office, Automatic charging.

* V-shaped floating roller brush.

* 1800PA large suction, brushless motor, the noise is less than 55db.

* 420ML dust box, double filter system, effective filter dust, mites, and more clean air.

* 5200mAH Long-life Li-Battery, it can cleaning 250 square meters of the environment.

* 96mm Slim design enable this Robot Vacuum Cleaner working in the narrow space.  






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                   Detailed parameters


Yes, I'll be planning my home cleanup.
I have a large number of sensors, the acquisition of data real-time synchronization to my three "brain"-processors, they will simulate the human brain thinking mode, and collaborate with each other, the data collected to the slam algorithm, building a room map, and real-time positioning. According to the Map Division area and the plan sweep path, finally forms the first along the edge after the z zigzag sweep path, completes the partition sweep task each.


High precision laser Ranging sensor
The LDS laser ranging sensor is my eye, which scans the room at 5x360°/seconds to get distance information. When the laser is projected onto the barrier, a spot is formed in my eyes. At the same time, the image sensor will calculate the center distance of the laser ranging sensor according to the pixel serial number of the spot.


Three processor
Three separate processors are my clever "brain", which simulates the way the human brain thinks and collaborates with each other, gathers and processes sensor information synchronously, builds maps in real time by positioning and computing, and plans the final sweep path, making the sweep more efficient.


I can always detect a complex environment.
Different families have different space environment, how can we meet all kinds of home environment? I've covered 12 types of sensors for mainstream robots, in any home environment, 9.6cm fuselage height can easily enter the corners of the home, visible and invisible places can be elegant finish sweeping.


Industry-leading slam algorithm
Synchronous location and map construction algorithm, also known as the Slam algorithm, is used in the United States NASA Mars vehicle, Google unmanned vehicles and other High-tech projects, it is based on the accurate distance information obtained by the laser ranging sensor and the omni-directional data such as the gyro direction data, odometer data and accelerometer data, which can be used to construct the room map in real time, and to know exactly where you are on the map, so as to provide guarantee for the comprehensive path planning.


Perform clean-up tasks efficiently
I will draw the map according to the slam algorithm to divide the area and plan the cleaning path, so as to clean. With the cooperation of sensors, I can know the distribution of indoor ground objects, identify obstacles and plan the cleaning path in real time. In order to ensure the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency, I will use the first Yanbian after the Z-shaped sweep path, to complete the partition cleaning, efficient completion of the clean-up task.


Automatic recharge and resume sweep
I scanned and positioned the charger seat through my own laser ranging sensor to identify its location on the map. When the room is completely cleared, I will automatically plan the shortest route back to recharge the charger seat. In the cleaning on the way, if the electricity is below 20%, I can automatically return to recharge the charger, when the power charge to 80%, I will return to the last unfinished location to continue sweeping, to avoid repeated cleaning.


I am a good helper for clean cleaning 
The whole machine floats the ground, the powerful high static pressure fan can effectively absorb the dust, simultaneously with the edge brush sweep, the roll brush vertical volume and so on three-dimensional sweeping system can easily absorb the topsoil dust, the hair, the debris, may the depth clean floor, the tile crevice accumulates the dust. Even barefoot walking on the ground, there is no dust and particles feel, let you always feel warm and clean home!


Japan Nidec Brushless motor, so that I can reach the maximum air volume of 0.67m3/min, the maximum wind pressure of about 1800pa*, strong wind pressure can be brought by the rapid and effective suction of dust attached to the ground or carpet.

Sweep along the wall
I am along the wall sensor, in the process of cleaning the wall side gap always and the wall to maintain an accurate distance of about 10mm, at the same time with the edge brush high-speed rotation can completely clean the wall edge of the gap dust.


I used modular design constructs
Composed of seven parts, the whole body is pure white, concise and elegant. 9.6cm height allows me to travel through a variety of narrow space, IMR process of the lid, but also let me feel translucent, all over the use of high-strength abs materials, wear resistant to aging. And the surrounding and the bottom of the use of abrasive treatment process, to avoid the impact of wear left traces. The charging seat uses the fireproof grade V0 grade plastic material, effectively reduces the safety hidden trouble.


Powerful battery
LG/Panasonic high energy density of 18650 lithium ion batteries, capacity of 5200mAh, the standard mode of a single maximum life time of about 2.5 hours the largest cleaning area of about 250 square meters *, the special design of constant current voltage charging mechanism, can ensure that the battery in a specific DoD (discharge depth) of the cycle life of up to 2 years, at the same time with automatic recharge of the intimate function, can meet the needs of different areas of household cleaning.
We offer the battery to buy the address in the future.


Remote Intelligent Control
Open the Mihome app, and you can check the sweep status in real time and get a real-time map of the cleanup. In addition, you can always arrange my clean-up tasks, before work to set a good daily cleaning time, home after work can feel clean ground bring small happiness. Cleaning, there are quiet, standard, strong three kinds of sweeping mode can be switched.


Virtuals Wall for Isolated Space
We can isolate those area of unwanted cleaning with virtual wall of magnetic stripes (magnetic stripes excluded in package, please order it seperately).







Detailed parameters

Brand Model


Release Date






Dust box volume


Water tank capacity



Primary filter + HEPA filter


Brushless motor

Detection system

OBS all floor detection system

Suction Nozzle

V - Shape Rolling Brush & suction


Working Parameters


5200mAh (Li-ion 14.4V/55W)

Working time

About 120-150min

Scope of work


Charging time

4-5 hours

Working noise


Suction strength



Other functions

Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Automatic Recharge


Timing Reservation


Remote Control


Memory environment


Air filtration


Anti Collision


Anti Falling


Wet mop









Delivery Time Info



North America



South America


Netherlands Post

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Ural, Siberian

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 Far Eastern,North Caucasus

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US Plug Adapter (2 Pin Flat Pin)
United States,Canada,Most North and South American Countries,Japan,Philippines,Thailand,etc.


Australia/New Zealand (2 Pin Plug Adapter)
Australia,New Zealand,Argentina


UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin)




Warranty & Return Policy  

All products are original and brand new, provide three year warranty for robot. and In the future provide replacement parts.
We guarantee satisfaction for honest and reasonable buyer. If the item is damaged on arrival, please be cooperative to take photos or videos on the problem and send to us for verifying. For confirmed product faulty on your approval, we can send you replacement parts free of charge, but for any physical damage or damage is result of buyer misuse, Buyer need to share some amount.



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